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Our bikes have a 250w brushless gear hub motor. Made solely by Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components since 2003. The quality, reliability and longevity are highly trusted by countless people and organisations all around the world.

250w Pure Motor performance, 15.5mph Limited speed, 36V 10AH Lithium-ion Battery.

The battery is the heart of any electrical product. Our pedelecs are equipped with 36V 10AH lithium-ion battery to ensure a performance that lives up to your standards. A range of 40 miles and more during pedal assist mode is consistently achieved, Up to 40 miles per charge. It can run around 19-22 miles (30-35KM) in pure electric mode, and 22-40 miles (35-65KM) in electric assist mode. Please keep in mind that many different factors play an important role like Weather conditions & terrain etc. 

LCD Digital Panel- The LCD digital panel displays real-time feedback on important information such as battery life, distance and Pedal Assist level.

Battery Level Indicator- Displays an estimate of the remaining charge left in the battery.

Speedometer- Displays the current speed.

Odometer- View your total distance travelled.

PAS Level- Pedal Assist Level. Adjust the level of pedal assistance you need.

Shimano 7 speed shifter- The reliable Shimano 7-Speed Shifter from Japan. Control your speed with finesse, utilising the larger sprocket for uphill battles and smaller sprocket for speed. Use in conjunction with pedal assist to find your momentum 

Tektro M311 disc brakes- A cable actuated Mechanical Disc Brake system with calliper made from cast aluminium. Sized at 160mm, these brake discs are lightweight and powerful.

700C* 45C tires- Never fear during a long trail ride, With aramid and ceramic particles weaved inside the tire, it is designed to increase tire life and prevent punctures. 

Saddle- The Saddle is fitted with comfortable cushion that conforms to your body. Pressure-relief for a longer, more enjoyable ride.